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Do you want to learn more about a particular community? Are you having difficulties figuring out which neighborhood would be perfect for you and your family? Are you moving out of the area and need information on communities in other parts of the state?

I can help.

As a real estate expert, I can provide you with important insights into a range of communities so you can make a more informed decision.

I can get you details on:

  • Type and style of homes.
  • Age of the community.
  • Local amenities such as schools, parks, community centers, etc.
  • Commuting routes and access to public transit.
  • Properties currently listed for sale.
  • General characteristics of the area.

The community you live in is just as important as the home you buy. That’s why I’m committed to helping you make the right choice.

Get the Regional Information You Need

Are you moving out of the Southwest Florida area or moving from another state and need information on different parts of Florida?

I can help.

As a real estate expert, I can provide you with important insights into a range of locations so you can make a more informed decision.

Florida Regions


The Panhandle is the most northwest portion of Florida.  It has gorgeous gulf beaches, and more inland, has green forests of palmettos and pines along with crystal springs and lazy rivers.  It is an area that houses Naval and Air Force bases and contains lots of housing and businesses contracted with those bases.

Mid & Southwest

This region in Florida boasts beautiful gulf beaches.  This area also boasts diverse areas for art, dining, theater, athletic activities to watch and participate with an upscale and laid back combination.  There are many off the beaten path islands in the gulf along the coast.  I can help you find a home in Lee and Collier County within Southwest Florida.

North & North Central

This area is the neighbor to Georgia.  There are beautiful diverse beaches to the east and farmland traveling west.  Jacksonville is the largest city in Florida and has diverse sections as different as parts of the region.  You can feel like you’re in “old Florida” in some of these sections.  St. Augustine is south of Jacksonville and is a beautiful city known for being the oldest city in America.  This region experiences cooler temperatures than other regions in Florida.

Orlando/Central/Space Coast

Orlando houses the happiest place on Earth.  It has many amusement parks and attractions.  The space coast is also old Florida with a lightning speed edge.  Cape Canaveral with Kennedy Space Center and its’ museums and activities mix the “I Dream of Jeannie” lifestyle with tiki bars, surfing and wildlife.  A coastal barrier stretches for a portion of this region.  Central Florida has a number of farms such as sod and orange groves.

Miami and Southeast Florida

Located on the Atlantic, this region capitalizes on the water and it’s beaches.  It boasts surfing, snorkeling and sport fishing charters.  As you travel south down the coast you find a faster pace and more active nightlife.  Here people stay up for social activities.  There are beautiful mansions in Palm Beach and river trips on the Loxahatchee River.

Everglades & Keys

The Everglades is an adventure into Jurassic park.  You can take an airboat ride through the mangroves and experience the wildlife hanging above and lurking below.  Outstanding fishing is available as is casual dining that features the daily catch and native cuisine.  The Keys are a string of islands with Key West and its southern most point as the last island.  People that live here have a need to relax, party and enjoy life.  Those that work here, help those pursue those needs.  Beautiful coral reefs abound in the Keys.  It is a place where you can expect anything and everything and nothing should surprise or amaze.

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